Considerations When Calculating Your Pension

No-pay leave cannot be taken into account when calculating length of service. Temporary continuous workers, working for ten years or less and leaving the service during this period will not receive a pension. Temporary continuous workers, working for ten years or more who have retired in this state may receive pension only if the post they were in was established and vacant.

Topping-Up of Service for the Medically Unfit

Special provisions are made for persons who retire medically unfit. In this case the individual must have a minimum of ten years in service but less than twenty years. The pension will be calculated at twenty years of service but it cannot exceed the amount worked for before retiring medically unfit. If a person is the victim of employment injury they are eligible for an additional 1/6 of the pension if their pension.

Abatement of Pension

The Pensions (Miscellaneos Provisions) Act, 1975-31 provides for the abatement of pension payable under Caps 25, 30, 56 by the amount of pension payable in accordance with the National Insurance and Social Security Act, Cap 47, to those officers entering the service after 1st Spetember, 1975. Persons who qualify for pension after the 1st of September 1975, are subject to abatement of pension. This means that if a person is eligible for both a National Insurance and government pension the higher of the two will be provided. Also note, that abatement does not affect cost of living allowance. Cost of living allowance is obtained when the government provides an increase in pensions across the board. If you are in receipt of a pension already your monthly payment will not change but the difference will be given as a cost of living allowance.

Voluntary Retirement

One can retire at 55, if appointed before the 15th of July 1985 or at 60 if appointed after the 15th of July 1985.

Compulsory Retirement

From 1st January 2010, the compulsory age of retirement is 66.

From 1st January 2014, the compulsory age of retirement is 66 ½.

From 1st January 2018, the compulsory age of retirement is 67.

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