Professional Accountant

The Professional Accountant

The Professional Accountant works directly with both the Accountant General and the Deputy Accountant General.


• Manage the Accounts of the Treasury Department; • Ensure the various sub-ledgers kept at the Treasury are reconciled to the General Ledger on a monthy basis; • Manage the computerization of the various sub-ledgers of the Treasury to the efficiency of processing and use of effective and efficient internal control practices; • Ensure the General Ledger is reconciled to the various sub-systems which make up the financial management system of the Treasury; • Manage the reconciliation of the various bank accounts; • Preparation of the Annual Accountant General's Report; • Manage the reporting system used by the Treasury, including making recommendations as to how the system can improveits efficiency and effectiveness while becoming more user-friendly; • Design and maintain a system for managing Loan Receivables; • Management of the General Ledger of the Treasury Department; • Management of the year-end process; • Management of the Treasury's Trust and Special Funds ensuring the necessary reporting deadlines are adhered to; • Any other duties as indicated by the Accountant General.

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