Director of Information Technology

The Director, Information Systems

The Director is responsible for the management of the infrastructure upon which the Financial and Human Resources systems of the Government of Barbados and their related systems operate, and the coordination, monitoring and maintenance of the SmartStream Financials and Human Resource Systems and its related subsystems.


• Investigates and plans for technologies to improve the efficiency of the existing system; • Establishes policies, standards, practices, contingency plans and security measures to ensure effective and consistent processing of information and to safeguard the information source; • Manages the WAN; • Provides advice to departments with Local Area Networks (LANs) which interface with the WAN used by the SmartStream system; • Manages the technical support team in their function of providing general support to the end-users of the various systems; • Provides advice in the negotiating of all contracts for Maintenance and Service Level Agreements with hardware, network and telecommunication suppliers; • Plans training for all staff in conjunction with the Deputy Director; • Manages the acquisition of all hardware, software and network supplies for the Ministries of Finance and Civil Service, with particular emphasis on the Financial and Human resources systems; • Ensures that ICT standards and processes reflect industry “best practices”; • Co-ordinates the work done on the system by external agencies supporting the system and its infrastructure in a manner to ensure the minimum downtime of the system.

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