About the Accountant General

<h3>The Accountant General</h3><p>The Treasury Department is headed by the Accountant General whose responsibilities are outlined by the Financial Administration and Audit Act, Chapter 5 of the Laws of Barbados.</p><h3>Responsibilities</h3><p>&bull; General management and supervision of all cash transactions of the Crown; &bull; Management and supervision of the accounting operations of the Crown; &bull; General supervision of the disbursement of funds and, in cases of apparent extravagance, to bring the matter in writing to the Director of Finance and Economic Affairs; &bull; Prompt accounting, under the appropriate Heads and Items, for all moneys, whether revenue or other receipts, paid or accounted for to him; &bull; Prompt accounting under the appropriate Heads and Items for all disbursements from public funds, whether expenditure or payments; &bull; Provision for proper and safe keeping of all public moneys, stamps, securities, and valuable documents in his department, and supervise generally the provision made by accounting officers for the safe keeping of public moneys, securities, stamp duties, receipt books, carbon copies and counterfoils of receipts, licenses and other Government property entrusted to their care; &bull; Supervision of the receipts and payments of public moneys by the Treasury Department ensuring that precautions are in place to prevent the occurrence of fraud, embezzlement or carelessness as it relates to such funds. These duties are allocated to the various sections of the Treasury Department, and as such define the organisation structure of the Treasury.</p>

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